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Snuggle up!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Enjoy the rest of winter

Useful and Beautiful

  1. Giant French cup from SHOP: www.re-foundobjects.com
  2. Wool tweed cushion from SHOP: www.anta.co.uk
  3. Quails egg blanket from SHOP: www.eleanorpritchard.com

Wing chair from SHOP: www.anta.co.uk

Wool rugs from SHOP: www.simplyrugs.net

Blankets, cushions and mugs from SHOP: www.melintregwynt.co.uk

Log/magazine buckets & chair from SHOP: www.macandmacinteriors.co.uk

  1. Throws from SHOP: www.linenme.com
  2. Espresso cup & saucer from SHOP: www.coffeecups.co.uk

  1. Cable throw from SHOP: www.ruthcross.com
  2. Pebble rug from SHOP: www.therealrugcompany.co.uk
  3. Pebble rug taupe from SHOP: www.interios.co.uk
  4. Sloppy Joe sweater from SHOP: www.hush-uk.com

Loungewear and accessories from SHOP: www.hush-uk.com

  1. Lambswool and cotton cushions from SHOP: www.anta.co.uk
  2. Lambswool and cotton throw from SHOP: www.anta.co.uk
  3. Gooseberry jam with elderflower from SHOP: www.toast.co.uk


Hand crocheted cushion from SHOP: www.welshblankets.co.uk

Chestnut pan and kindle cones from SHOP: www.huntergatherer.info

  1. Alpaca and wool throw from SHOP: www.linenme.com
  2. Espresso cup and saucer MANUFACTURER: www.nuovapoint.it

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