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Soft shades for spring

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gentle tones washed by the sun, of shades softened through time

Beautiful interiors by COMPANY: Cote Bastide http://cotebastide.com/

Gorgeous interiors from COMPANY: Tine K Home http://www.tinekhome.dk

Stunning interiors & clothing by COMPANY: Oi Soi Oi: http://www.oisoioi.com/

Sublime images by PHOTOGRAPHER: Nicolas Matheus http://www.matheusphoto.com/

Gorgeous homewares by SHOP: Pale & Interesting http://www.paleandinteresting.com/

Pretty interiors from LOCATION AGENCY: 1st Option http://www.1st-option.com/

Inspirational Ceramics by Heather Knight at SHOP: Element Clay Studio 

Delightful original artworks & prints by Parisienne artist Aliette SHOP: http://www.etsy.com/shop/aliette 

Alluring images from PHOTOGRAPHER Poly Wreford at Sarah Kaye Representation http://www.sarahkaye.com/

Exquisit fabrics from Vanessa Arbuthnott SHOP: http://www.vanessaarbuthnottfabrics.co.uk/

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