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If you dream of sand dunes and salty air...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pretty floral prints faded by the sun, favourite vintage quilts for snuggly up after a dip and chippy painted junk shop finds all make for a light and breezy, relaxed summer living. 
BOOK: Natural Decorating by Elizabeth Wilhide Joanna Copestick
1. STYLIST: Lucyina Moodie 2.Peonies & 3.Basket STYLIST: Atlanta Bartlett 4.Blossom in can STYLIST: Pippa Jameson 5.Sofa INTERIOR DESIGN: Angel & Blume 6.Background FABRIC: Cabbages & Roses Constance
BOOK: Pure Style Jane Cumberbatch
1.Curtain FABRIC: Cabbages & Roses 2.Rose in bowl STYLIST: Lucyina Moodie 3.PHOTOGRAPH grasses: Mark Scott Photography 4.Table & chairs SHOP: Dreamy Whites 5.Background FABRIC: Cabbages & Roses Hatley 
1.PHOTOGRAPH: Kelly Killoren Benismon by Gina Uhlmann 2.Parasol INTERIOR DESIGNER: Tricia Foley 3.FABRIC: Ernest & Matilda 4.Bed STYLIST: Atlanta Bartlett 5.Bottles SHOP:Dreamy Whites

1.Stairs ARCHITECTS: Hutker discovered via Remodelista 2.Hooks SHOP: Cox & Cox 3.Beach hut from BOOK: Junk Style Melanie Molesworth 3.Bed SHOP: Bloomingville 4.Deckchair SHOP: Vintage Lifestyle
1.Sand dunes print SHOP: Mary Vican 2.Tiles SHOP: Welbeck Tiles 3.Cushions STYLIST: Heather Bullard 4.Flowers in kettle BOOK:Junk Style Melanie Molesworth 5.Chairs BOOK:BOOK: Pure Style Jane Cumberbatch
Girl in hammock PHOTOGRAPHER: Thayer Allyson Gowdy 
1.Bath MAGAZINE: Red 2.Table FABRIC: Cabbages & Roses 3.Plate PHOTOGRAPHER: Tim Evan Cook 4.Peonies STYLIST: Atlanta Bartlett 5.Chairs on cushions Cabbages & Roses 6.Background FABRIC:Ernest & Matilda
1.Chair STYLIST: Atlanta Bartlett PHOTOGRAPHER: Polly Wreford 2.Roses on Books STYLIST: Heather Bullard 3.Basket SHOP: Julias vita drommar 4.Bikini on fence PHOTOGRAPHER: Dan Duchars 5.Roses in pail Dreamy Whites 
Image PHOTOGRAPHER: Daniel Graindorge

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