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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • eilsoe
    10-17 11:13 AM
    Hehe, no problem :P

    There are many ways of achieving stuff in Photoshop.. :)

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  • pady
    08-26 01:27 PM
    FYI, just came acroos this. EB2 India/China Visa available in plenty


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  • fester8542
    04-17 09:25 AM
    He is one sexy *****.

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  • cr125rider
    04-24 10:40 PM
    I like how it is really 2, quite different from the rest


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  • Anders �stberg
    August 10th, 2005, 09:53 AM
    You have some good pictures, but I agree you would more easily get responses here if you include pictures in your post. One critique I can give is you should watch the level of your horizons, it's a pet pieve of mine as some here know :), I'm sensitive to leaning pictures.

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  • gkp.gaurav
    07-13 09:37 AM
    Very very clever. This one is my personal favorite...Great job!


    Thanks MagicFlasher and FrostBite :)


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  • sideeque
    05-09 01:03 AM
    1.Is visa extension for 3 years possible in such case..? YES
    2. Will there be any problem because of not using the visa at all till now..? No Problem
    3. Is there a minimum time limit after joining aftre which only I can apply for extension..? No such limit...I feel it is good to have some pay stubs
    4. Most important, can i apply for extension even after expiry of visa in july,2011...?? Yes...

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  • waitforevergc
    02-27 10:03 PM
    Thanks. Yes it is within driving distance, just the city is different.

    I was tensed because I didn't know the right answer.
    With all the H1 issues going on nowadays because of location, I wanted to confirm.

    Say when I file my H1 extension, then the employer address is the going to be the new one, in the LCA.
    So was concerned if it will raise any red flags.
    What do you all think?


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  • leo2606
    08-04 09:24 PM

    Any idea how USCIS will determine which application goes to where?
    Is it based on the State you are living or based on I-140 approval?

    If there is already a thread please direct me.

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  • theOne
    05-11 09:33 PM
    I have a green card, I plan on getting married. What would be the approximate time to get a green card processed for my future wife ? I am originally from India.

    Thank you.


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  • bksjay
    01-26 05:08 AM
    can someone pls help me with a few question on re entry permit. i will be going back to us after 1year 8months. i had applied for re entry perit in oct 2007 - i left us in may 2008 - my re entry permit is valid till july 2010. i will be going to us in feb 2010. my question is will i have problem because i left us before i got my permit. my husband who was still in us got my permit for me.

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  • hasil
    04-05 01:25 AM
    I have send PM to you with my Lawyer information. He helped me a lot..Good luck..

    I got RFE on 485 so looking for a good attorney in Chicago area. I made a mistake on 485 application, so need to contact an attorney urgently.

    Please help.


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  • rahul74
    05-04 11:04 AM
    I am planning to apply for NIW based on my HPSA work location.
    My attorney is stating that I need to change work contract to 5 years instead of 3 years for the same. According to him, I can add in the contract that this extention of contract is at discretion of employee after 3 years and it will not damage the interests of my employer.
    Since I do not want to work after 3 years with my employer, is this contract language safe for me?
    Also is it possible to swelf petition for NIW?
    thanks in advance for the input.

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  • RNGC
    03-13 09:02 PM
    I strongly agree that individual cases/problems etc etc...should not be posted here, please understand, our goal is different...the admin of this group should delete these threads...


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  • vaishnavilakshmi
    07-08 04:02 AM
    I think you should have added June 30th also.

    Hey amitga,did ur mail reached USCIS on 30th June 2007???My lawye3r called and told me that,He mailed our AOS application on 29th june2007 and reached USCIS nebraska on 30th june 20007.Is anyone here who's application was delivered on 30th june 2007(saturday) a nonworking day??Just want to confirm if my lawyer told me the truth??


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  • reddymjm
    05-05 04:39 PM
    File another one with just the first condition.


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  • H1B-GC
    09-21 05:26 PM
    I want to keep this thread on top for a while to see how many People with priority date between Jan'05 and March 28th '05(Filed under RIR/NON-RIR) applied again in PERM. The reason is lot of Friends i know applied their labor again in PERM since the Old Labors filed under RIR were sent to BEC Center's in Phily and Dallas for 'cold storage' and forgot to port the dates after the old labor approval since the time regained was not big enough.

    This gives us an fairly good idea to see how quickly the dates would move from Jan' 22nd '05 as many fear there might a huge figure here who applied between December '04 and March 28th '05 under the old process and before PERM kicked in .

    Please do not forget to mention if you have ported the dates from your old labor.

    Please contribute to this thread!!

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  • bhartigorkar
    07-26 11:43 AM
    I am not the art student.Just using online resources i was trying to build my skills.May be this is reflecting in my work now.So i have decided to quit from this competition.I am taking back all of my entries.


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  • Stan09
    03-24 02:40 AM
    Hello all,
    after I get my GC,
    do I still need to file AR11(notify USCIS) every time I change my address?

    03-04 03:27 PM
    You can send both in one envelope But write separate checks for each one. (Remember attrorney send entire set of I-485+I765+I131 for each family member in same envelope).
    Thanks a lot for your reply


    08-23 05:50 PM
    He/She can join old company as long as H1b from the old company is not revoked. There is no need for any H1b transfer as long as old company's H1b is valid. Just go and join them back if they are willing to take him. Lot of people of H1b do this. Hope this helps.

    This really helps. Thanks

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