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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • bowbow
    08-16 09:43 AM
    I hate IT consultancy Business. I don't want to cheat hard working people.
    I wanted to start something good that i can work by my self and not cheating others.

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  • vikramark
    03-22 09:28 AM
    I had my stamping done in Kolkata consulate on 03/02/2011, they asked me to switch off the cell phone and hand it over to security, security gave me a number tag and I was able to collect my cell from security after my interview.


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  • prince40
    03-15 07:40 PM
    hi all
    I plan to probably file under the EB2 category soon- I know EB1 and EB2 can be filed separately, however can a EB2 regular and a EB2 with NIW application both be filed separately as well?
    Need to know this asap, so would appreciate a reply, Thank You!

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  • dilbert_cal
    05-07 06:55 PM
    Bump - In case someone else has some more information.


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  • US_H1Info
    01-14 02:28 PM
    Hello Sir/Madam,

    I came to US on H1B visa and recently i switched my job.My previous employer (INDIAN Employer) is asking me to return original H1 petetion which they filed.

    Can anyone please help me with below queries
    1. Do i need Original petetion from previous employer for Green Card processing ?.
    2 Should i return H1 petetion or not to my previous employer ?.
    2. Is it legal requirement that i need to return original H1 petetion to previous employer who filed it ?.

    I would really appreciate and thankful , if you clarify my doubts.

    thanks in advance

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  • rsdang
    01-07 11:42 AM
    My wife had that stamped in blank passport an year and half back and had no issues...

    She had all the documents

    Copy of
    my 797
    my passport
    my H1B visa
    Proof of marriage
    Letter from me stating I will support her and that she will live with me in US
    My bank statements (last 3 months)
    A letter of support from my employer

    nothing else comes to mind at this time... All the best. Nothing to worry about.


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  • glosrfc
    11-09 08:44 PM
    Should I? I do kinda like the this._x button....haha

    Great competition though...I had a lot of fun with this one!

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  • sriforyou
    10-07 10:55 AM
    Thanks for your reply.

    Is there any way that i can start working immeadiatly after getting the approval (May 2010), like Premium processing or COS immeadiatly ?



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  • kishorekintali
    02-16 10:04 AM

    My L1 and I-94 is valid till August 14th 2009 -- I want to know if I can travel India and come back before it is expired. Are there any restrictions on port of entry when visa is nearing to expire. I would not take chance if there is a porblem in international travel and if I have deportation issues at the point of entry then I am not willing to go. But I want to visit my parents as they are not doing well.

    Also, I am thinking once I am back from India then I can apply for L1 visa extension -- is it a good idea to apply for extension after I come back or I can apply and go to India for vacation.

    Please guide me as I am in a fix and I am not able to take any decession.

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  • speddi
    07-31 08:42 AM

    Can someone post details if they are in this situation and successfully extended their H1B?

    Thank you


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  • saturnring11
    12-20 06:13 PM
    Does anybody know which ASC in the bay area allows walk-ins? I missed my appointment and need to get this thing taken care of before I travel (I'm going to be out of the country Jan-Feb).

    I tried walking into the San Jose center but they asked me to reschedule my appointment. I'd appreciate any advice.


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  • potatoeater
    05-27 10:09 PM
    Dude, what are you talking here? Have you lost your mind?

    Looks like some touts are booking dates in bulk and selling them in the black maeket. May be some of the embassy staff are colluding too. Whichever way you see it is a criminal activity.

    You should be asking to expose these criminals and hand them over to police, not asking for their dubious services. Once such scums are weeded out of the system the dates will start opening up automatically.

    Can someone please post the contact or privately send me the
    contact of the person who helps with the dates, coz I am trying for my grandmother for quite some time but to no avail...


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  • Ann Ruben
    06-28 10:20 PM
    An article entitled File Retention and Relinquishing to Client - Posted on March 31st, 2010 can be found on the website for the MO Supreme Court Advisory Committe for Legal Ethics:Office of the Legal Ethics Counsel - Articles (http://www.mo-legal-ethics.org/modules.php?name=Articles). I hope this is helpful.

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  • jaggubhai
    05-17 10:19 PM
    My wife is currently in the US on H4 Status and she is taking classes at a local university on a part time basis.

    We are planning to go for our visa revalidation next month.

    How should i answer DS 156 Question #33.Do you intend to study in the US? for my wife?

    I think i should answer yes since she will continue taking classes after we come back to the US. Will this be an issue since she is on H4?

    Thanks for your response in advance.


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  • iman.karta
    02-13 06:28 PM
    Hi Guitar,

    I too had the paralegal filled out wrong information in regard to my employment history. My lawyer said the same thing; once it is on ETA 9089, you could not really change anything.
    In fact, you could not change it when you file I-140. The only thing you could do is to discuss with your lawyer about possible RFEs.
    Last but not least, don't sweat it. Worrying won't change anything.
    And as for my case, it was approved without any RFE request.
    Good luck with your case.

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  • Mak Valley
    01-29 01:12 AM
    very niice


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  • sbmallik
    06-30 01:24 PM
    You may have to pay income taxes at both the places.

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  • joydiptac
    03-19 07:40 PM
    I guess it means nothing to us. My file has moved over the years from CA -> NE -> SJ NBC -> TSC.
    TSC was the most efficient machinery USCIS had. Someone in NSC may not have liked this, so they are moving the old files to TSC to make it look just as bad. :D

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  • Pasquale
    04-01 12:07 AM

    12-07 02:12 PM
    my wife has got H1 this year and
    she wants to transfer to H4 as she got Ead and she
    wants to use EAD .and still we didnt get AP.she wants
    to leave to india in jan she dont have stamp in her

    if we apply now for the conversion of H1 to H4 can
    she leave to india now and can i send that approval
    letter to india then she goes to stamping in india.
    is it possible. please suggest me

    09-28 06:56 PM
    My lawyer kept the original as well and I specifically ask him to keep it. Lawyers typically have good filing system. I frequently move from one house to another because I am not fully settled yet. I might lose some of those important documents during the transfers so I thought the lawyer should keep the original.

    I have the original notice for the FP though.

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