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Friday, July 8, 2011

drawing tattoos. Drawing Tattoo - QwickStep
  • Drawing Tattoo - QwickStep

  • Nermal
    Jul 26, 07:27 PM
    Since more people have Intel based Macs, than Macs with Blu-ray burners built in, it would be nice if maybe they prioritized on a Universal version instead...

    There is already a universal version.

    Maybe the software, but the drive itself may be only compatible with Blu-Ray rather than HD-DVD.

    The original poster is talking about support in general. The original summary incorrectly states that Apple is preferring Blu-Ray over HD-DVD, when in reality they're in both camps.

    drawing tattoos. Drawing Tattoos - Tattoo Ideas
  • Drawing Tattoos - Tattoo Ideas

  • LukeHarrison
    Jan 9, 11:44 AM
    Turn your EQ into a smile, remove all the mids and boost the tops and bass for that (rather horrid) crunchy, digital sounding distortion.

    Sorry, not a fan of that sort of guitar sound really, it always sounds too processed and a little 'phoney', if that's the right way to describe it.

    Good luck with the project though, it's always nice to hear people getting into audio work :)

    drawing tattoos. Tattoos Chevy S10 Drawing
  • Tattoos Chevy S10 Drawing

  • reneedowning
    Feb 22, 05:12 PM
    It stopped 5 minutes later and is now working fine. Any insights about what could have happened? this is a very disconcerting glitch!

    thanks! R

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  • Drawing tattoos by ~dragonC on

  • bobbytomorow
    Oct 1, 09:44 AM
    http://imgur.com/xcnOKl.jpg (http://imgur.com/xcnOK.jpg)

    Wall from indeepop (http://www.indeepop.com/)


    drawing tattoos. drawing that the tattoo is
  • drawing that the tattoo is

  • Ace 7
    Aug 3, 06:58 PM
    Loved the film, and felt it was time for a change.


    Our desktops were scarily similiar. My dock is basically identical but it's on auto-hide. xp

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  • pictures of Crown Tattoos

  • phalseHUD
    May 1, 07:58 AM
    No, but I think the word 'me' does have negative connotations such as narcissism and self centeredness. That is my beef with it. The last word I want someone to associate with my name is 'me'.

    I agree. I wish I could have kept hold of my old mac.com address but alas I was getting so much spam and crap I terminated my account and set up a new one. Have my own domain with webmail and mail forwarding so I don't have to use me.com professionally.


    drawing tattoos. Drawing tattoos on pigs - is
  • Drawing tattoos on pigs - is

  • MacShadow
    Aug 5, 12:16 PM
    I shot a movie and used imovie to put it together. This is the preview of that movie.


    drawing tattoos. to draw a tribal tattoo
  • to draw a tribal tattoo

  • deadwalrus
    Mar 25, 02:38 PM
    Is this well-veiled sarcasm? If not, you guys are ridiculous.

    1) Google does not own the mapping database they use
    2) Even if they did, there are multiple geographic/mapping data providers
    3) None of them obtained their data by having employees drive around in vehicles... That's an absurd suggestion

    Is this well-veiled sarcasm? If not, you are ridiculous. How do you think Google gets its "Street View" data? Here's a hint:



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  • Labels: drawing, tattoos

  • BTW
    Mar 24, 12:15 AM
    It is just more signs of the times. OSX is at the end of its life cycle with Lion coming out as the transitional OS before iOS rules them all. Lion does away with a separate server edition and is preparing the way for iOS. The only key piece that needs to catch up to make iOS feasible on desktop hardware is the A series processors (i.e. A6 or A7 with multi-cores to catch-up with Intel's desktop procs).

    So Lion will be released this summer and the next generation OS will come out in 2013-ish sans the cat naming convention and sans a distinction between iDevice and Mac. iOS naming conventions should follow mythical winged predators (i.e. Phoenix, Gryphon and Dragon).

    drawing tattoos. tattoo drawing.
  • tattoo drawing.

  • bbydon
    Jan 10, 12:35 PM
    Best one in years...too bad they didnt release ilife though


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  • custom swallow tattoo drawing

  • iBug2
    Nov 12, 05:41 PM
    And when FCS4 comes out it will be a year ahead of CS5. What's your point?

    Please... without pro apps there is no reason for businesses to have pricey Mac setups. There is no need to have a mac if you're just using Microsoft Office and Email

    We've been using Mac Pros as servers for years now... it has more function than the Xserve but is just not rack mountable. No big deal. And who used Shake that its loss makes an impact? Apple could cut Motion and I don't think many would care.
    Shake was pretty much the standard compositing tool for big budget movies when Apple discontinued it. So, a lot of people were using it, funnily, a lot of people still using it, despite being discontinued, it's still a solid product.

    drawing tattoos. These Tattoo Drawings can be
  • These Tattoo Drawings can be

  • iceterminal
    Mar 28, 06:30 PM


    drawing tattoos. Drawing Tattoos – 3 Easy Ways
  • Drawing Tattoos – 3 Easy Ways

  • Chumburro2U
    Apr 7, 10:36 AM
    Look everyone, another Applogist.

    My battery live is much worse since the recent upgrade. Around 25% less battery life. No jailbreak here.

    It might be Apple trying to screw us up and make us want to upgrade to iphone 5. I remember I had the iphone 3G and with its latest "upgrade" my phone took a shiat bigtime. There wasnt even a way to downgrade the upgrade.

    drawing tattoos. Dragon Tattoo Drawing by Holly
  • Dragon Tattoo Drawing by Holly

  • JAT
    Apr 13, 11:05 AM
    so as android phones accelerate the pace of innovation with lte, nfc, larger screens, etc. etc., apple decides to slow down the pace of innovation? what the hell is your problem apple?!
    Well, apparently their main problem is that you think rumors=fact.


    drawing tattoos. ampersand drawing tattooed
  • ampersand drawing tattooed

  • Micjose
    Apr 6, 01:26 PM
    that sounds extreme. watch 5 years from now 1TB will be the 1GB of today..lol

    drawing tattoos. (player s only drawing tattoos
  • (player s only drawing tattoos

  • gkarris
    Mar 3, 02:38 PM
    Jobs, no jobs, no money, more "entitlement" needed so that people don't starve...

    Sorry, that's the Truth..

    There are jobs "out there" - everything says, "Made in China" and all your calls go to India...

    It's a no-brainer...


    drawing tattoos. Skull Tattoo Drawing
  • Skull Tattoo Drawing

  • MacBytes
    Feb 17, 09:37 AM
    Category: 3rd Party Software
    Link: Open-Source Building Blocks Available (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20050217103735)
    Posted on MacBytes.com (http://www.macbytes.com)

    Approved by Mudbug

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  • your tattoo drawing looks

  • fansie
    Jun 24, 10:08 AM
    Figured I would start this thread.

    NYC - 23rd Street and Madison store (near Madison Square Park) - I went in at 10:00 AM and they were sold out. The manager said they received 5 iPhones.

    drawing tattoos. Tribal Tattoos Drawing
  • Tribal Tattoos Drawing

  • Popeye206
    Mar 25, 11:51 AM
    Any update MUST have the ability to store maps on the device and not stream them from the internet. Data rates are so massively high in other countries that I usually keep data off, or if I have the international plan, will not waste my precious MB's on maps unless I have to.

    I could see the reason for keeping it off originally, when capacities were 4 GB and 8 GB. However, with the iPhone 5 having most likely 64 GB of space, the time is here to have the option to store maps locally.

    That's a great idea! I'd love to see that for when I'm traveling and don't want to turn on international data roaming for the internet, but can still use cell towers for triangulation of my position.

    Apr 9, 09:32 AM
    So I bit the bullet and bought the complete game pack on my iPad 1. For some reason all of the games are playing in iPhone scale on my iPad. Taking up like 1/9 of the screen. Cometely unplayable. Has anyone experienced this and / or have a fix? Very frustrating......

    Oct 6, 09:51 AM
    What I've been waiting for is true javascript support for wysiwyg textarea editors. I run a Mac blog site and I have to ask users to use Firefox. It seems a little sucky to do that for a Mac specific blogger site. Since Safari 1.3 Apple said they included the nessesary "hooks" for these editors, but no one has been successful in getting any of them to work in Safari.

    I downloaded the latest nightly build of Webkit and it still doen't work :(

    Actually, there are a few that do work, mostly commercial like Asbru's editor - http://editor.asbrusoft.com/

    The problem is, the support in Safari still isn't brilliant and the other guys like FCK, TinyMCE etc so far aren't willing to work around the bugs knowing that Apple is fixing them in a forthcoming release anyway.

    neko girl
    Apr 4, 10:43 AM
    FT, do what you're meant to do - provide content. Let's keep my name out of transactions with you, thanks.

    Your business model is eroding.

    Night Spring
    Mar 3, 12:29 PM
    You don't need to unlock iPad. They aren't locked in the first place, unless you bought one in Japan.

    smoking monkey
    Apr 7, 11:24 PM
    Circus atari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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