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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

japanese tattoo. Japanese Tattoo Art – History
  • Japanese Tattoo Art – History

  • phillipjfry
    Jan 9, 09:59 PM
    So I'm sitting here watching Simpsons DVD and listening to the keynotes in the background (for the first time) and about 4:30 minutes into the first video on the apple website, he says something that I had to replay over and over just to see if I heard it correctly.
    About 4:28 minutes into the video he says
    "2007, is going to be a great year for the Mac....but this is all we're gonna talk about the Mac today. We're gonna move on to some other things, over the course of the next several months we're gonna roll out some awesome stuff for the Mac. But for today, we're gonna move on."

    I was glue to my screen during the time macrumorslive.com was up (and seriously guys, congrats on the photo and keynote updates by the minute, I would never personally take on such a task). Here is what I think threw everybody off into thinking that Mac and software was going to be talked about today in the keynotes:

    9:18 am we're only talking about the mac today

    which can be interpreted both ways. So yes things are going to be coming up very soon for the Mac, and maybe even a separate meeting or interview or some way to get to the masses that the new product lines are up. But it seemed like today's keynotes (and my first one I've ever followed) were all about the future of Apple (both financially and technologically). It was about Apple making its own little "footprint".
    I think splitting up the product introductions was a better idea than one might figure. Snag some people into buying iPhone, AppleTV, and when the dust settles from the sales, allow people to regroup, pay off the credit card, and throw out a new/upgraded line of products, just in time to wipe the floor with Vista! Spring its just a little more than 2 months away. It took me all day to calm down after not hearing about Leopard in the keynotes, but this has to be why they didn't mention this. Hell, Macworld was on CNN tonight because of the iPhone, not because of Leopard or AppleTV or vPod. After word gets around by this CONFIRMED Apple product, people are going to take a serious look at other Apple product lines and see what else is to offer. That's when they should upgrade everything else, within the next two months.
    Do I have Apple marketing tactics pegged or what? :)

    japanese tattoo. Japanese Tattoo Pictures
  • Japanese Tattoo Pictures

  • ranviper
    Apr 13, 06:42 PM
    Mine for April:


    Not included is my second monitor, but nothing special. Lol.

    japanese tattoo. Dragon Japanese Tattoo Design.
  • Dragon Japanese Tattoo Design.

  • lewis82
    Feb 7, 02:48 PM

    This pic and many more taken from http://www.christian-stoll.com/ ;)

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  • Japanese Tattoo IdhuL adha

  • DewGuy1999
    May 1, 09:48 PM
    See if this is what you need:

    Clean up the Clutter: Photoshop CS3 Window Tips (http://www.adobepress.com/articles/article.asp?p=1174791)


    japanese tattoo. Japanese Tattoo IdhuL adha
  • Japanese Tattoo IdhuL adha

  • D4F
    Apr 28, 06:14 AM
    Not the right reason...

    This is. People who are or were with Verizon are now:

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  • Japanese Tattoo Symbols and

  • Corban987
    Apr 28, 09:00 PM
    I agree with most comments, the claims by Samsung seem a stretch. I live in Korea and the Koreans are very loyal to local suppliers and Samsung is not happy with how successful the iPhone is in Korea. Even the local prefer the iPhone over the Samsung phones in Korea. After living here a few years I will never buy Korean products again. They are great at copying, and keeping it all within the country even if it increases cost. I hope Apple succeed in finding other suppliers but I think so many companies have helped Samsung get to big and dominant so it will be hard to find memory and cpu suppliers other than Samsung.

    I have used Samsung phones in Korea, they are not great - My Nokia was way better than every Samsung phone I ever had. Samsung phones JUST work, they do not perform. My new iPhone looks better, performs (speed and application wise) better than the Samsung phones I have owned but it drops more calls. Here's an example of how much Koreans refuse to accept Apple, You cannot use a Mac in Korea and do internet shopping or banking. Every website requires a special active X control that only works in IE.

    Even in Korea the locals know Samsung copied Apple, when you go to electronics markets the sales people try sell Samsung products saying its "just like Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod and its Korean made so its better"

    I really hope Samsung get burnt on this one.


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  • Media Share japanese tattoo

  • AndrewR23
    Apr 29, 12:17 AM
    Sorry I didn't know where else to post this, but is it true we need to buy an iPhone 4 white with a Contract?

    I just talked to a ATT rep and he said they don't sell them without contract? Is that true?

    Go to Apple. Pay 599/699 and you won't get a contract.

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  • japanese-tattoo-dragon-

  • twoodcc
    Jan 11, 10:20 AM
    Also, get a passkey (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1073565)!:D

    haha yeah, sorry i forgot to put that. thanks!


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  • JAT
    Apr 13, 11:59 AM
    does apple really want to become that predictable with annual product updates at given events?
    I think they invented that.

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  • Japanese Tattoo Forearm.

  • calzon65
    Apr 27, 04:19 PM
    Don't worry somebody's already working on an app to block the tracking. You can bet on that:D

    and watch, Apple will ban that app.


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  • japanese tattoo art demon

  • jmy2469
    Apr 11, 05:52 PM
    Thanks! Oops,thought I did. I'll move it

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  • japanese tattoo

  • stephenli
    Jul 26, 09:06 PM
    japan now selling external Bluray RW drive for.....USD1000....
    so, if MacPro have BTO option for this...
    we got to pay around USD5000 for the fastest Mac, right?
    its terrible...

    i hope apple will release a nice external drive...though, insofar the only external optical drive from apple can trace back to the age of CD-Rom...


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  • Japanese Tattoo Designs For

  • simsaladimbamba
    Mar 30, 06:05 PM
    Strangely MacRumors makes threads automatically when a news story is released: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1128250

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  • Japanese Tattoo, Japanese

  • willber
    Apr 21, 09:13 AM
    Is anyone wanting the psd?


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  • Japanese Yakuza Tattoo Design

  • tropicoola
    Oct 14, 05:22 PM
    http://uppix.net/6/e/3/eeb5d6b2468b2593fe93d8072e344tt.jpg (http://uppix.net/6/e/3/eeb5d6b2468b2593fe93d8072e344.html)

    japanese tattoo. Japanese tattoo designs.
  • Japanese tattoo designs.

  • Dbrown
    Apr 21, 10:50 AM
    As mentioned before, iPhone has continually been compared to Android as platform rather than manufacturer's phone to phone.

    The only people who want to compare it that way are apple fans. The rest of the world rightfully compare it according to device. Smartphone OS to smartphone OS.


    japanese tattoo. Japanese Tattoo Art Design
  • Japanese Tattoo Art Design

  • Philalbe
    Mar 21, 10:40 PM
    I'd recommend looking at the following:

    It's hard to comment on how to actually charge your service because I am not in the US, but take a look at similar businesses and how they charge use this as a guide. Also gauge the project on how much the client is prepared to pay, it might be a cheap but open the door to many other good clients or it could be an expensive one off with little benefit for you.

    Hi. Thanks for the links. I can't believe all the good info I've been getting here. I've been copying and pasting all the links and bits of advice so I will have them to refer to again whenever the need arises. :)

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  • Japanese tattoo shirt, perfect

  • abc123
    Nov 6, 10:49 PM
    I've installed two or three versions of Sidetrack on my Powerbook now and have been using Sidetrack for about a year and have never had a singele problem. It's been such a staple that it's irritating when I use another laptop, much like Quicksilver - heck I even try to open Quicksilver using Quicksilver when I have to restart it! :p - so give it a go. I'm sorry to hear that another user had problems but it's been nothing less than perfect for me and the hot corners are great! :)
    haha i do the same thing with quicksilver and then get annoyed at the thought of having to go poke around in my applications folder.

    i've also never had any problems using sidetrack. i think it is fantastic, it makes my trackpad better than a mouse with a scroll wheel in my mind :)
    when i use my brothers computer i get all frustrated without it.

    japanese tattoo. japanese tattoo symbol.
  • japanese tattoo symbol.

  • simsaladimbamba
    Feb 4, 03:50 AM
    Audacity and GarageBand?

    Oct 15, 05:36 PM
    dualscreen, 2nd 90degree portrait mode. Image was from http://ameblo.jp/tokyogenso/

    Can't find the picture, since I don't read chinese or Japanese... I don't even know what language is it. Can you help out?

    Sep 26, 08:30 PM
    .mac is in need of a major upgrade

    This is a good start

    Mar 23, 04:26 PM
    As has probably been said in the forums before, $25/hour is on the low side.

    Backing up a little and going slightly off topic: being passionate about something and being able to make a living at it are two totally different things. I think all creatives like ourselves should take a mandatory 6 month business class before we start our businesses. If you have bills to pay as most of us do, you gotta figure out how much you need per month and then how many clients @ x dollars per hour you need. If your living costs are low and you're just starting out then you can pretty much work for any amount just to get the experience but when you get older and you have a mortgage, car payment, kids ($$$$$$) you many end up working for someone else.

    Also, now-a-days, with the power of computers and software it's pretty easy for someone not so technical to sign up for a free blog such as Tumblr and Wordpress, grab a theme for $50 and have a website up and running for next to nothing. The internet has been growing at a steady rate, even in the economic downturn (big company fires techies and they start on online company) BUT when you have too many players in any market, the middle of the market falls out. i.e. you end up haviong folks working for $10-15per hour and others working for $100. This is not good for any of us!

    Also, working for ourselves we're more lightly to be tempted to tell a client to piss off as we're the boss so remember to keep your cool and be professional at all times even if the client is a no good tire kicking ^*&^* face!! And for the love of dog, make every client sign a contract where you lay out exactly what and sometimes more importantly WHAT YOU ARE NOT going to be doing for them. Client is being an ass, gently remind the client of what is written in the contract. Client is being a real ass; off to small claims court you go - one of the only decent things about the legal system in this country is that you do have certain rights compared to say other places on the globe!

    OK, putting my predisposed negative Brit attitude aside and yes this disjointed rant is now coming to an end :) Nothing is stopping you from getting a book on selling, yes, we've all got to be sales people or teaming up with other to get some sweet deals!

    (And as all good teachers will tell your, I've neglected most of the above in my Web Design Business to my own detriment! I have also never taken a client to court in 10 years of web design but I did think one was a no good tire kicking ^*&^* face though!)


    Feb 13, 12:31 PM
    Congratulations to all the new mods. I'm sure you'll all do an excellent job at keeping this the best forum on the net. Don't go easy on the spammers though ;)

    Oct 10, 10:06 PM
    here is my bootcamp one

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