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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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  • kondspi
    Sep 30, 06:58 PM
    People still use LOTUS???!!!!???

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  • 666sheep
    Apr 26, 04:15 PM
    yeah it is baked and burnt but seller say its tested as working

    IMHO it's hard to believe that burnt GPU could be in working order, but I wish that I am wrong :)

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  • pmasters
    Nov 11, 03:03 PM
    FCP is dieing. It lags well behind the other software and the killing of the xServer just adds more to it.

    Wasn't Final Cut Server based on the technology used in xServer?

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  • markelim
    Dec 14, 11:19 PM
    Please excuse the messy workspace.


    Link (http://www.gadgetmac.com/picture/up_design_by_halpha-d32hze2.png?pictureId=7843099&asThumbnail=true)

    re link please, the link goes to a small version


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  • Kenzembo1
    Apr 21, 09:40 AM



    Would seriously love this!

    nazanin boniadi hot. Nazanin+oniadi+in+iron+man Also, including theapr , cast Iron only counts half as much as a mans
  • Nazanin+oniadi+in+iron+man Also, including theapr , cast Iron only counts half as much as a mans

  • 59031
    Oct 5, 10:44 PM
    Sounds awesome, but I'll still stick with Camino until Safari speeds up a bit and is more stable. Those were my only two issues.


    HUH? Camino is slow as ****!


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  • Radex
    Apr 28, 10:25 PM
    Samsung makes good cellphones. All the cellphones I've owned in my life have been Samsung ones :D

    I own a Samsung Mythic, and I suffer lag input problems :\. $100 with contract at the time I bought it and my brother's Samsung Impression which is $75 with contract is faster than mine. A simple OTA update could have easily fixed this lag problem.

    Undoubtedly though Samsung makes great TVs.

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  • Hoef
    Feb 12, 06:55 PM
    Congrats to all!!!! I am sure it is only time before our toned down blue interface changes in to Keira like :D


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  • mary86004
    Apr 23, 05:06 PM
    Is this possible?
    I have a Pink Floyd DVD of a concert. Is it possible to rip the music from the DVD and put it on a blank CD for listening to the soundtrack?

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  • fel10
    Dec 25, 01:13 AM
    Will be posting tomorrow when I open presents. Hope I get some cool stuff.:D


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  • lavrishevo
    May 4, 04:33 PM
    Totally forgot to delete it before I upgraded my internal. Is there a way to delete the bootcamp partition while preserving the original and reallocating the space back to the OSX partition?

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  • television,nazanin boniadi

  • AdrianK
    Apr 17, 03:30 AM
    Great result there! just wondering how did you get the tiger dock in SL... I've tried to find out a way to get it, but never found such a perfect result. it looks exactly as the tiger one: Is that a theme or have you replaced some files in the library?

    It's this (http://lukeedee.deviantart.com/gallery/24453858#/d2xadpl) one from Deviantart. I was so happy when I found it, but it turns out the it makes a 100px region around the Dock (to the left, right and centre) completely unusable. Neither the mouse or two finger scrolling works in that region, but I didn't know it was the dock causing that at the time.

    I've now settled on this:


    Not very Tiger-ish, but it looks alright. It's SL's 2D dock with white indicators and white separator bar. Archive is here (http://d.pr/QmRq), copy to the Dock.app's resources folder (you'll have to delete the originals first).


    nazanin boniadi hot. Nazanin Boniadi
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  • AmigoMac
    Nov 1, 11:27 AM
    It would be useful (this is not addressed just to you, Amigo) if instead of just listing a bunch of programs you gave a quick description of what each program does, like AL did in his original post. Links would be helpful, as well.

    I just want to promote the web searching. ;)
    I will tell how to fish, I won't give the fish. :cool: J/K

    Adium: Messenger
    Netnewswire lite :RSS reader
    Romeo: Bridge between Nokia 3650 and iBook (BT controller)
    KTA Tennis: Game
    Mactracker : Apple computers database
    Poisoned :P2P,
    Skype : Messenger, Internet Phone,
    VLC, MPlayer... Video players.
    MRChat: Macrumors IRC Client.
    MacJournal: if you are a writer.

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  • CrazyforMac
    Jul 7, 03:37 PM
    COOL, can't wait!!!

    Second half of July.


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  • ymilord
    Oct 19, 12:15 AM
    The Galleria
    2388 E. Sunrise Blvd.
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
    (954) 331-4501

    Store Hours
    Mon - Sat: 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
    Sun: Noon to 6:00 p.m.

    Anyone interested?

    nazanin boniadi hot. Nazanin Boniadi
  • Nazanin Boniadi

    Apr 4, 10:17 PM
    OMG I've never seen so many crybabies in my life...Really crying because a business raised prices...Better not go to wal-mart, they have price increases there all the time:eek::eek:


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  • tigres
    Apr 7, 08:50 AM
    I was wondering whether these issues only apply to people who JB their phones? Or perhaps there is some particular app that they all have installed doesn't agree with 4.3.1.

    I too have no problems with 4.3.1

    Open Safari on iPad.
    Click a youtube link and watch vid.
    Go back to Safari.
    What do you get?

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  • soapage
    Apr 28, 04:53 PM
    Can I set a rule on the Microsoft Outlook that will allow me to click Send on the email but have it go to the outbox until I hit the Send And Receive Button. I know you can easily do it on the PC version

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  • monke
    Oct 17, 09:18 PM

    Dec 12, 07:03 AM
    Decided to do some geektooling with my good old power mac, I'm pretty satisfied with the result:


    Full of Win
    Apr 28, 11:07 PM
    Which Apple product uses a trace of stylus???

    The concept for an Apple phone/computer from 1983.


    Aug 9, 03:04 PM
    Here's mine...

    Apr 5, 01:57 AM
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    Mar 27, 03:33 PM
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