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Setting the Table

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rustic tables for relaxed, everyday dining from farmhouse to cottage, eat, drink and be merry!
Above images: SHOP Cote Bastide

Above image: SHOP Cote Bastide
Above images: 1.Jeanne d'Arc Living 2.SHOP: Fen & Ned 3. SHOP & BLOG: G-Style

Above image: SHOP Cote Bastide
Above image: SHOP & BLOG: G-Style
Above image: Jeanne d'Arc Living
Above images:1.Antiques SHOP: Atelier de Campagne 2.SHOP: Garden Trading 3.& 5.SHOP & BLOG: G-Style 4.SHOP: The Textile Trunk (loodylady Ebay)
Above image:SHOP: Ruffled Linens 
Above image: Photographer Joanna Maclennan
Above images:1& 4. SHOP: Summerill & Bishop 2.SHOP: The New General Store 3.Antiques: Appley Hoare
Above image: SHOP: Lombok
Above images:1.SHOP: Summerill & Bishop 2.SHOP: The Textile Trunk (loodylady Ebay)3.& 4. SHOP: The French House
Above image: PHOTOGRAPHER Katie Quinn Davies & Katie's brilliant blog filled with wonderful recipes: What Katie Ate

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