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Fabulously Feminine

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

via SHOP: Elequence antique & reproduction furniture

  1. FASHION TRENDS WEBSITE: http://www.fashionising.com
  2. PHOTOGRAPHIC AGENCY: http://www.sarahkaye.com/
  3. ONLINE MAGAZINE: http://www.e-magdeco.com/
  4. LOCATION AGENCY: http://www.1st-option.com/

Image via STYLIST: Eva Lindh
All images via STYLIST: Eva Lindh
Photographer - Maria-Isabel Hansson: Mari Eriksson source unknown

Corner ruffle duvet cover from SHOP: Urban Outfitters
  1. "Flowers" fabric collection from DESIGNER: Carolyn Quartermaine
  2. STYLIST: Selina Lake
  3. Hand stiched cushion from Designer Anita Kaushal with online SHOP: Anita Kaushal
  4. Blush pink coffee filter wreath from SHOP: Allie-Millie Designs 


  1. LOCATION AGENCY: 1st-option
  2. COSMETICS from SHOP: Becca Cosmetics
  3. Roberto Cavalli Spring Summer 2011 collection
  4. Antique rose bridesmaid's bouquet from FLORIST: The Real Flower Company

From BOOK: Simple Style by Julia Bird

  1. Silk cushions by Tine K Home from SHOP: Froken Olsen
  2. STYLIST: Abi Boura
  3. Toile fabric from SHOP archives: The Old Red Hen
  4. From BOOK: Judith Wilson Casual Living photographer Polly Wreford 

DESIGNER: Anita Kaushal

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