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Gilding the Rose

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blush tones, faded florals and gilded tints combine for a soft, romantic style.
INTERIORS: Shabby Chic
1.AGENCY:Sarah Kaye PHOTOGRAPHER: Polly Wreford  2.HOTEL:La Madone
3.PAINTING:Marie-Antoinette by Joseph Ducreux 3.PHOTOGRAPHER: Polly Wreford 
1.Cards and stationary from SHOP: Mulberry Muse  2.STYLIST: Kasha Harmer
3.EVENT PLANNER: Principal Planner
Furniture & decoratives from SHOP: Brissi
1.PHOTOGRAPHER: Chris Blott  2.PHOTOGRAPHER: Nato Welton
3.PHOTOGRAPHER: Chris Everard 4.PHOTOGRAPHER: Polly Wreford
Mansion: Magie des Lieux
1.Cards and stationary from SHOP: Mulberry Muse 2.INTERIORS: Shabby Chic 3.FILM: Marie Antoinette
1.PHOTOGRAPHER: Sandra Lane  2.SHOP: Jeanne d'Arc Living
3.PHOTOGRAPHER: Sandra Lane 4.PHOTOGRAPHER: Kristin Perers
1.Bedlinen from SHOP: Bella Notte Linens  2.MAGAZINE: Jeanne d'Arc Living 3.FILM: Marie Antoinette
1.Cards and stationary from SHOP: Mulberry Muse  2.Vintage bottles SHOP:Velvet Ribbon 3.Bed STYLING: Atlanta Bartlett 4.Lamp SHOP:Brissi 5.From BOOK: Family Lifestyle Home by Anita Kaushal
1.Bedlinen from SHOP: Bella Notte Linens 2.Cards and stationary from SHOP: Mulberry Muse 3.Cups & champagne Martha Stewart Weddings 4.PAINTING:Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo 'Pulcinella in Love' 5. Cards and stationary from SHOP: Mulberry Muse 
PHOTOGRAPHER: Angelika Buettner

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