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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • RC2009
    10-13 05:45 PM
    Thank you for the reply. My confusion stemmed from whether i can use my US License as my id for gaining the license. Or whether somehow my A# or I94 number had to be noted on the license/certificate in order to use it at a later point for the green card process.

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  • nid
    03-18 02:37 PM
    Thanks Crazymonk.

    Does it always go to consular processing for 2nd option?

    I was more inclined towards 2nd option thinking that whether or not I get I94, if in case I have to use it, I can make a trip to India and get the stamping done?


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  • raysaikat
    03-24 02:48 AM

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  • gc_eb2_waiter
    03-17 02:42 PM
    I have returned from India on AP three days ago. Immigration officer just asked questions on my employment, but he did not ask for proof. If you have multiple APs you should submit all of them for stamping. Thats it!

    I got AP..and H1B till 09..I am hoping to reenter using AP while comming back from india..Apart from AP do I require anything else. like employement letter to reenter the contry??..


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  • dreamgc_real
    04-28 09:35 AM

    My original H1B visa was issued to me on Oct 1st, 2010 and is valid till Sep 30th 2010.

    I got a new job in 2009 and they applied for my H1 transfer. It was approved and the new dates on the new I797 are 10/01/2009 till 09/17/2012. I went to India after that and when I returned, I got a new I-94 off course which was stamped to be valid until Sep 30th 2010.

    Now I am nearing the end of my original H1B visa issued by my previous employer and stamped on my passport this coming October. I am also planning to go to India in this coming June. Will I will have to get my visa renewal stamping done this time if I go to India? Will I need a new H1B stamp on my passport from my new employer on my passport to come back?

    I really appreciate any words of wisdom from all you learned people on this forum. Thanks in advance!

    You probably have to get your passport stamped for visa renewal.

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  • eb3_nepa
    06-14 02:47 PM
    uma001, this joke is is VERY VERY bad taste. You are making a mockery out of a LOT of people's misery.


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  • mhtanim
    11-27 07:28 PM
    Suppose I am employed in H-1b with employer �X� for position �A�. Employer �X� filed my Labor Certification and I-140 for a future position �B� and got both approved. Position �A� and position �B� have at least 50% different job duties.

    I file my I-485 and it is pending for more than 180 days. I get a better offer from employer �Y�. Now, I want to transfer my H1-B to employer �Y� using AC21 portability rule. My job description with employer �Y� should be similar to position �A� or position �B�?

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  • gc750
    01-02 06:37 PM
    Hello Freinds,

    I came to India on a vacation and went for a H1 stamping on 29th Dec at the Chennai consulate. I ended up getting the famous Pink 221G (Additional Admin Processing - AAP). I believe it is because of my muslim name (I am not a consultant or working for any consulting firm, full time employee with my comp's IT department, work for a reputed manufacturing company and done MS here in USA, been in USA for 9 years now, had previous F1, and H1 stampings).

    The VO asked very basic questions (who is the employer, what they do, where did you go to school, what majors) and didn't take any of my documents except the D156, D157 & Employee letter. She said my visa is approved, however I will have to go through AAP and will have to wait for 4 to 12 weeks.

    I am planning to wait till the end of January and if nothing moves ahead in my case, then go back to USA on Advance Parole (Based on the experience from other members who were stuck in 221G and who travelled back on AP), and come back to India once the 221G is cleared, and the consulate requests to send Passport.

    One of my personal concerns about this approach, does the consulate consider my visa applicaton abondoned if they find out that I have already entered US (using AP)? and will it have any issues in the future with my pending AOS?

    Has anyone gone through this similar situation (that they travelled on AP while H1 is in 221G status) and got successful stamping after the consulate has requested to send the Passport.

    Anyone please share your experience in the above situation........

    Also if am returning to USA on AP, do I have to show the I797, so the Immigration officer puts the expiration date on the I94 as the date on the I797

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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  • gc_lover
    06-23 04:46 PM
    My lawyer said the same thing. As long as USCIS understands what is written there is no problem. He wrote annual income and send the form.

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  • sr123
    12-07 01:41 PM
    Can someone from core team update with exact title and number. I was able to find the following

    H.R.5744: Securing Knowledge, Innovation, and Leadership Act of 2006
    S.2691: Securing Knowledge, Innovation, and Leadership Act of 2006

    Can someone clarify if I got them right?


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  • gconmymind
    05-09 08:12 PM
    - H1B is good as long as employer-employee relationship is maintained, which in your case should be fine
    - You may have issues with 140 approval (Just my opinion, I may be wrong)
    - If you are considering H1 transfer, that may have issues as you may not have latest paycheck..

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  • dale
    04-14 06:11 AM
    ooo i love the first one :thumb:

    but the second one is confusing- why have a stamp with an envelope on it? oooohhh or is that the irony of it? lol looks cool still.




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  • little_willy
    08-06 04:41 PM
    Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  • gk_2000
    02-10 09:37 PM
    I wonder how many of you caught this from Obama's facebook:

    Advise the Advisor | The White House (http://www.whitehouse.gov/advise)

    I threw in my advise on the two questions:
    * How is American innovation affecting your community?
    * What are the obstacles to innovation that you see in
    your community? And what steps can be taken to remove them?
    e-Trade and e-commerce is the most prominent product of innovation, and continues to grow.

    Obstacles to innovation in my community: I belong to the community of people who are in US on a work visa. Our main obstacle is the US laws themselves, because the present laws forbid us from doing anything on our own. If I wanted to make facebook, US laws would say, hey, go back home and come back on an EB5. Of course, we cant do that. So your laws are being ridiculous

    Let's go at it, since they want to listen


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  • mzdial
    June 13th, 2004, 01:29 AM
    And all you thought I did was shoot Dphoto members!

    Most of these were shot using the new 75-300 DO that Bob let me test out. (Thanks again Bob!) I'm impressed with the lens. I may be adding it to the arsenal as a good travel lens.

    Anyways, here are my pics of our gracious model Julie:


    It was great meeting all of you that traveled to Indy in such a short, spontaneous get together.

    -- Matt

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  • valluriraja
    02-12 06:37 PM
    Hi all,

    Any one can please help me, I am leaving at Atlanta, Georgia, I have 5 years old son his passport is going expire next month so I would like to apply. Any could tell me what are the documents required, what form I need to fill, fee, where can I apply for renewal etc......

    Thank you in Advance..



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  • sw33t
    07-27 04:30 PM
    Sorry guys!

    I was trying to post this on the state chapters so we could get some engagement about this event. I didn't realize it would flood the main board.


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  • gsc999
    09-24 03:57 PM
    People who PMed me, please check yu e-mail/ Pms for response.


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  • sonal_c1
    08-31 05:43 PM
    Hi Jim,

    I am in similar situation. Did you get teh answers for your question?

    09-15 11:41 PM
    They dont show much of the cheerleaders in football games... unless it is a cheerleading contest......:p

    We know how much you like to be here in US - 300k Green Card petitions in July - madness, madness

    now do you expect everything to happen for you automatically and others do it for you when you sit on your couch gazing at the cheerleaders in a football game



    07-20 07:13 PM
    Donald Freiberg(San Jose) is also good

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