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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • ras
    02-10 11:41 AM
    am thinking of working in the similer line.

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  • abhay
    05-13 11:10 AM
    My PD is 08/04/06, and my AP is expiring on June 2nd, I probably will have to travel sometimes June end. I am in a fix if I should go ahead and apply for Ap now. My PD will be current begining June 1st. I heard it may take 1 week to 60 days to get GC after your date becomes current, Do you guys think it's good idea to just apply for AP just in case?


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  • rhegde
    09-09 09:28 PM

    I'm on L1B and wife on L2B with EAD and currently working. Both are expiring on Dec 30,2010. I got my H1 with COS, which is effective from Oct 01,2010 for 1 year and my wife got H4, effective from same time. My wife's company is filing for H1 for her and has already applied for LCA. After the LCA, they are not sure whether to apply for COS from L2 to H1 before Oct 1st or if they want to wait till Oct 1st and then file for new H1 with COS from H4 to H1. In the second case, she will not be able to work till she gets her H1.
    Also if they file for H1 before Oct 1st with L2 to H1 COS, and if she gets RFE, then not sure whether the whole application is invalid as my wife's status would have changed from L2 to H4 during the course.

    Please advice my options. Is it OK if her company file for new H1 with COS from L2 to H1 as soon as her LCA get approved with premium processing? Is it going to be a problem if she gets RFE?

    Or is it adviseable to continue to be on L1/L2 till she gets H1? If yes, how can I change my status back to L1 before Oct 1st 2010? Can my company do it me? How long the process will take? I also heard that if I go abroad and come back, I will continue to be on L1. In that case should my wife acccompany me? Do I have to go out and re enter before Oct 1st?

    If I change my status back to L1, what will happen to my H1? Will it still be valid? If I'm planning to change to a different company, can it be just transferred to that company and I can work there?

    Please help.


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  • anand5061
    05-13 12:57 PM
    Hello PPL

    My wife's company has filed for her H1B and she has been given the receipt number from her HR dept, but we are unable to check the case status online. whenver wetry to check the status of her case online it says

    "Your case can not be found at this time in Case Status Online. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance please call the National Customer Service Center at 1.800.375.5283"

    i called up USCIS and they tell me that there is a technical problem and not all case status can be checked online ,they cannot give me any information on the status of the case and the rep said they can convey any info only to the HR dept of her company

    However the rep confirmed that the receipt number is valid,

    Has anyone had a similar issue? Not sure how i can go about this,

    when my wife contacted her company's HR department says that they will keep her posted on any developments in her case

    Pls share your experiences



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  • ABC of GC
    04-03 03:29 PM
    Done anyone know how much time USCIS gives in such cases to respond with the information.

    I called up their customer service and they don't know.

    Please help.

    Thank you,

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  • cool_desi_gc
    01-03 09:26 AM
    Labor substitution is not an option anymore. I have PD Dec 2002 EB3 India working on EAD.
    I am trying to pursue EB3 to EB2 porting. Risky but possible technically.


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  • pmandappa
    10-25 11:22 AM
    Not sure if I will make the category, but feel that I should consult with a good immigration attorney and explore the option. Who knows? I wish there was a category for people who were doing the work that directly improved the lot of the American people. Not-for-profit is not lucrative nor glamorous, so there should be some incentives :)

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  • richana
    08-05 09:45 PM
    My interpretation is that that there is no appeal due to the fact she has applied early, she can apply again after the 90 day clock starts ticking and she should be good. If she gets a denial again I suggest using a lawyer, there are many on this site itself in the lawyers forum. But you seriously need to be talking about the specific type of the app if you need very precise answers because USCIS treats differnt apps well differently


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  • gcisadawg
    03-23 12:04 AM
    hi gurus,

    please advise what are my options. I-140 is pending and i have 9th year H1-B expiring Dec 2009. still working for same company. in case I-140 stays pending up to December 2009. what should i do to stay in status.

    thanks in advance.

    My 9th year H1B will expire in two days. My I-140 is still pending with TSC. I've sent my papers for H1B renewal. Hoping to get an extension till March 2010.
    Hang on...I-140 approval is the key for 3 year H1B extension and 2 year EAD extension.

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  • gc_on_demand
    12-04 12:48 PM
    My Labor or I 140 I forgot but one of them says my salary should XXX. but I am on H1b and haven't filled 485 file yet and I am receiving lesser salary than XXX.

    At what stage should I receive XXX salary ?


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  • PDOCT05
    10-16 01:16 PM
    How old is he? Are you sure you filled out every item?

    He is 3 years old and we verified every thing...lawyer also verified.

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  • ck_b2001
    07-02 02:04 PM

    Making all EB visas current was not the right decision in the first place. That will just shift the backlog from one side to another. The only good thing was interim EAD and AP. When the visa bulletin will come out in mid Sep for FY2008 it will not be too bad provided they have already adjucated 60,000 cases in Jun and would be willing to accept more cases. The dates had already moved quite ahead in Jun 07. In Oct it may turnout to be "C" for some categories and show significant movement for others.
    I hope we can still use our current medicals provided it is no later than on yr. we may have to sign the documents again with new sign date.

    I am devastated myself but thats all we can do at this point. i really dont think lawsuit will do any good. uscis knows what they were doing. Though all this may help in creating a momentum for CIR, Skill Bill once again.


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  • jsb
    09-13 10:40 AM
    Those planning to park at Metro Stations, note that at most stations parking is not free. Where paid, it is accessible only through SmarTrip card (a prepaid card used by regular commuters). Credit cards or any other payment methods are not accepted at these automated parking lots.

    Further, as such, these lots get filled up by 8am. Sep 18 being a car-free day in DC, more cars are likely to get at these parking lots, filling them even earlier.

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  • malibuguy007
    10-01 08:47 PM
    If you guys are viewing this thread, you should be here



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  • Motivated
    11-12 03:23 PM

    I was able to file for 485 during the summer of 07, have an EAD but never used. I got married later, and my spouse is currently on H4. I have to maintain the H1 to support the H4. I have a very good opportunity to move up in my job - Is there a way use my EAD and still support legal stay of my spouse?

    Appreciate a response.
    Thank you.

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  • YAUN
    11-21 05:38 PM
    Nevermind. Discovered stylesheets.


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  • logiclife
    06-04 01:22 PM
    Here is the link to SA 1150, the real bill text debated.


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  • mandes
    12-14 01:39 AM

    I was laid off from GC sponsoring employer and my previous attorneys may have withdrawn their G-28. Now I have started working for new employer but have not filed for AC21 yet. The new attorneys have sent G-28 forms (so they claim).

    Now I really want to move from the place where I am living so that my commute is shorter for my new employer and am also having lot of problems in the apartment condo where I live. But my concerns for moving are:

    1) Does submitting Ar-11 online , update the address for your pending I-485 also? I have read few stories on the net that people who moved during I-485 and also updated their address still got an RFE at old address OR even worst the USPS returned the notice saying the person does not live there anymore

    2) I have also heard that sometimes the new G-28 forms does not reach your file and RFE/ NOID may goto old attorneys .

    I have these two concerns because my previous employer is going to revoke my I-140 which is going to result in straight denial of I-485 and even if I need to file MTR I may not get the notice in the mail because I may have moved.

    Is there anyone who has been in this situation or moved after filing I-485 and successfully updates their addresses so that they get any RFE/NOID/Denial at new address.

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  • NKR
    10-02 08:19 PM
    I have heard that it is pretty easy and straight forward to incorporate a business using legalzoom.com. I have not tried that myself..

    05-07 10:54 AM
    Q10 - Alien Registration Number (A-Number) or I-94 Number (if any)
    Q12 - Provide your last date of entry
    Q13 - Provide your last place of entry

    It is not necessary that one should remain in the US to apply for EAD renewal.
    Thanks wandmaker.

    07-25 07:19 AM
    I am on H1 & my H1 (& visa stamping) expires in Apr 2009. My wife has H4 stamped on her passport until Apr 2009.
    My wife got her H1 approved in 2008 lottery with permit to start work starting October Ist, 2008.

    We are planning to take cruise to Bermuda from sep 28-oct 5. I just wanted to know ,
    a) will her H4 stamping be expired on October 5, 2008 , as her H1 will become effective?
    b) or she can use existing H4 stamping to re-enter into United States.
    c) or if someone knows whether she needs a valid visa stamping in accordance with her latest immigration status (h1 in this case on oct 5 , 2008) when returning to US in cruise.

    Thanks in advance.

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