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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Karsoo
    02-23 12:32 AM
    I got married one year ago. My wife was born here and we filed my I-485 and I-130 and I-765 with her.
    1- my office in CT state ( hartford)
    2- I applied in April 31 2009. My sponsor was from CT and my wife is the petitioner
    3- They received my cases and cashed the checks June 10 2009
    5- In July 31 I did my biometrics test ( finger print )

    6- In Aug 2009 we moved to Michigan and My lawyer is going to transfer the case to MI
    8- october 21 they requested some evidence
    9- Nov 2009 they requested that the sponsor and the petitioner should have the same address???
    10- I changed my sponsor and I have a new one from Michigan.
    11- January 9 2010 they accepted that.
    12- Feb 3 my Lawyer surprised me and told me that I have an interview in Hartford,CT even tho she changed every thing to MI. She said she has the proof that she changed the address but it didn't update in the system and she blamed the system. she said she is going to reschedule my appointment to MI and she said the are going to send me a new notice in 2 to 3 weeks.
    13- Feb 8 2010 they ordered my EAD card.
    14- Feb 9 they mailed me a notice that they approved my I-765.
    15- My lawyer said they sent my EAD card and the notice to my old address in CT and she said they went back to them and they will re send it to my new address in MI.
    16- Feb 22 as of today they updated all my cases but without any new info ( just the dates)

    17- I am so confused and I have those questions:
    A) Did my case transfer to MI or nothing happen since I moved?
    B) how long does it take to get everthing back to the right way?
    C) what is going to happen to my EAD card and the NOTICE?

    Please help me with this and I will really appreciate it

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  • mudigondag
    01-04 03:12 PM
    I have filed 485 for all my family members and received the EAD and AP(s). FP is not done yet. My daughter is in 1st year undergrad. Is there a way my daughter's 485 status can be maintained, if I join my daughter for MBBS study in India? If yes, what would be the option. Apreciate the suggestion

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  • shri
    01-20 06:54 PM
    Hello there,

    Can anyone please write toll free telephone # for the USCIS Premium Processing (I140, H1-B Renewals). Just wondering if one can obtain Receipt Number for the I-140 filing?


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  • spicy_guy
    09-26 09:07 PM
    I am trying to find health insurance for my spouse who is in H4 visa.

    Could you please let me know if I can buy the health insurance only for her? Is there some law which states H1B visa holder also needs to buy the health insurance along with the spouse?

    BTW, I am living in NJ.

    Appreciate, your inputs and pointers on this issue.


    You can, why not.

    BTW, doesn't your employer provide insurance that covers your family too?
    It sounds like its a desi consulting company... No offense. but just saying.


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  • sujijag
    09-16 02:15 PM
    EB3 is an overloaded ship, either you had to abandon(read porting to Eb2) or unload few of them (removing 245(i) cases from Eb3) to reach the target.
    Abandoning can take an year for most of us - PERM Approval time line for now.
    Unloading will never happen in this economic scenario
    So we had to look for lifeboat saving to do the miracle. If any one finds it let me know am ready to grab it.

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  • rb_248
    02-07 11:01 AM
    Just saw this news on Economics Times (Indian Newspaper).


    First TOI reported this and Now ET is reporting this......I think we must research this further to make sure this is or is not true.


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  • fall1998
    05-17 03:15 PM
    Did anyone from TX who got approved already have their application transferred like this?

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  • madmonkey
    08-24 07:00 PM
    Have you tried contacting your local congressman or senator's office? Many times, a request to take action on a pending case from a congressman's office has much better effect than a service request or infopass.


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  • Blog Feeds
    07-07 08:40 AM
    With the recent implementation by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) allowing concurrent filing of Form I-360 Religious Worker Petition and Form I-485 Adjustment of Status Application, most applicants want to know what documents to submit with an adjustment of status (AOS) application.

    Persons with a pending I-360 religious worker petition are now eligible to file an AOS application before September 9, 2009. The AOS application is used by persons who are in the United States to apply with USCIS to adjust to permanent resident status.

    Along with the Adjustment of Status Application on Form I-485, one must remember to submit:

    a copy of the I-360 receipt notice,
    two passport style photos,
    a copy of the applicant’s passport,
    a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate (along with a certified English translation if the document is not in English), and
    a medical examination report performed by a designated civil surgeon.
    If an AOS applicant has ever been arrested then a court-certified copy of all arrest records and the final disposition of the case is required (excluding traffic tickets).

    Individuals between the ages of 14-79 are also required to submit a Biographic Information Sheet on Form G-325A.

    The most important thing to remember before sending the AOS application is the filing fee! Do NOT forget to submit a check or money order to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in the amount of $1010. No additional fee is required for Form I-765 Employment Authorization Application and for Advance Parole on Form I-131 if filing with an AOS application.

    Call us at 214-999-9999 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

    More... (http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Immigration-law-answers-blog/~3/PcV6AFL4-xg/)

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  • jonty_11
    02-06 02:20 PM
    u can retain PD only if u have Labor and I140 approved from Old Company.
    When u file I-140 with new company - u dislcose intent to retain old PD as u submit copy of approved I-140 (u got with old Comapny)


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  • pappu
    10-18 03:08 PM
    and the write-up mostly talks about illegal immigration.

    While quoting, discussing such links helps the members of this forum somewhat in keeping the buzz, I feel we must have focussed efforts on specific provisions that will improve the issues faced by legal immigrants. It is possible that this is easier to achieve than a Comprehensive Immigration Reform that this articles speaks about. Thanks to apnair2002 for the post.

    Welcome Learning01 on the forum after a brief hiatus. You are the current record holder for maximum number of posts and I hope you continue to post messages helping all members on the forum. thanks.

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  • ramaonline
    10-09 01:15 AM
    You must have I94 showing H1B classification and validity dates to change status to H1. You can travel and re-enter with a H1 visa stamp and obtain h1 status. Please check with the company attorney,


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  • maverick_joe
    03-12 09:42 AM
    how early could we renew the AP?

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  • number30
    03-15 06:13 PM
    Thanks in advance for answering my question:

    I have had an EAD from past 2 years, but I also had a valid H1B I was working for company A on H1 and my GC is filed by Company B future employment(and hence the EAD)

    - Company A went down last year, so I was laid off, so my H1 lapsed.
    - I switched to Company B since I have an EAD through them.
    - I am on Company B's payroll currently.
    - The company A folks needed help after they were shutdown, I helped and was paid for hours. (doing same and similar work) but not issued a 1099...

    Question - I will need to file taxes on those hours, in terms of immigration have I done anything out of ordinary here? I don't know if USCIS and IRS connecected, or I am just being paranoid here?


    As you are on EAD nothing wrong is done as for as USCIS is concerned. Just add that income as self employment income you should be fine. Also you can deduct those expenses you made to earn that income.


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  • kghoshal
    11-02 11:31 AM
    Since we are uncertain of our job as well as status in USA,
    is it really worth to save on 401K? More input will be appreciateI.

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  • Lisap
    09-07 01:14 PM


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  • Sakthisagar
    07-28 01:50 PM
    A federal judge in Phoenix on Wednesday blocked key provisions of Arizona's controversial immigration law from taking effect as scheduled Thursday, granting in part an injunction requested by the Obama administration.

    U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton ruled that the injunction would apply to the portion of the state law that requires police to try to determine the immigration status of a person they arrest, stop or detain while enforcing other laws if they reasonably suspect the person is in the United States illegally.

    In a lawsuit filed against Arizona, the Obama administration said the law was unconstitutional and warned that the provision would result in racial profiling and harassment of U.S. citizens, legal immigrants and foreign visitors.
    Bolton said in her ruling that it was "not in the public interest" for Arizona to enforce a provision that preempts federal enforcement of immigration law.


    washingtonpost.com (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/07/28/AR2010072801794.html?nav=rss_email%2Fcomponents&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+wp-dyn%2Frss%2Flinkset%2F2005%2F03%2F24%2FLI200503240 0102_xml+%28washingtonpost.com+-+Today%27s+Highlights%29)

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  • foobar2001
    08-02 01:50 AM

    i entered the US on AP in Jan 2010, and at the time of entry, my I94 validity was set for
    1 year (viz Jan 2011) - and the AP also noted "AoS" status on it.

    (a) Is the validity of my I94 (and thus my legal stay) 1 year, or as i have read elsewhere,
    if AoS is pending, then its valid till the AoS case is decided?

    (b) If the validity is 1 year, what is the process for extending the I94 validity?

    thanks for your time,

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  • milind70
    04-08 08:03 PM
    I assume u r returing US worker i.e means that ur just getting ur H1B extended in that case u can choose any consulate in your home country.i recently got stamped at New Delhi Embassy but my consulate is Mumbai.
    Since I could not get dates for Mumbai consulate during my visit to India even though i paid my fees at HDFC mumbai branch. it should not matter as long as u pay your fees and u r a returning worker.

    Steve Mitchell
    December 17th, 2003, 02:18 PM
    Great job. More of the power of digital photography and post processing.

    02-03 05:08 AM
    There should not be any issue for applying with only 2 months left. If you wait to get the next approval notice and go for stamping closer to the starting date of your next year of H1b you could get stamp for the next period too.
    If there is 2 months or above left on the current extension then they will not give a visa including the new approval period. They will give only for the 2 months. So perferably go closer to the begining of the next period along with the new aproval notice (if you want to travel freely for the next period too)

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