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Romantic & Feminine Bathrooms

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inspired by Provencal farmhouses, English country houses and villas in Tuscany, these are some of my favourite romantic bathrooms. All unashamedly feminine in shades of the palest lilac, Palma violet, shimmering silver to blush rose and robin's egg blue. Blissful rooms to luxuriate and pamper!
Above image scanned from Homes and Gardens Magazine October 1999
Above image via: Location Agency 1st Option
Above images all: Stylist Eva Lindh
Above images: Location Agency: Light Locations
Above images: 1.Portland Mitchell stylist 2.& 3.Sandra Lane photographer 4.SHOP: Decorative Country Living
Above image via: Red Magazine
Above images: 1.Sandra Lane photographer 2.Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine 3.Polly Wreford photographer 4.Nato Welton photographer
Above image: Hotel Loverlij
Above image: Photographer Spike Powell from Country Homes and Interiors
Above images: 1.SHOP:Gianna Rose Atelier 2.Sarah Richardson Design 3.Heather Bullard styling & photography via Heather Bullard's Blog 4.Sandra Lane photographer
Above image: Little Greene Paint Company featuring Dummonds bath
Above images: 1.Heather Bullard styling & photography 2.Jo Tyler photography 3.Balham House via Shoot Factory location agency 4.SHOP: Bliss and Bloom

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