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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • padraico
    03-09 08:16 PM
    i need to adjust my status, its needed in the i-485 application

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  • iv6523
    06-11 08:17 PM
    Can any of you throw some light on these

    To my understanding, if one is maxing out 6 years of H-1B visa on Nov 30, 2009 and doesn't have a way of extending to the 7th year H-1B.Then he has to stay physically outside of USA for 1 year.

    1.Does 1 year stay have to be in the home country only?
    2.Can one come and visit USA for a month[June 2010] or so between Nov30,09 and Nov 30,2010.[Eg: Conference, interview]?
    3.If answer is yes to 2, would one have to stay for another 1 year away from July 2010? or they can come back to US during Dec 2010, if they have a new H-1B job?

    Inputs appreciated.

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  • muni_k
    04-15 11:27 AM
    both of us are physicians working on h1b visas .we have ead's.i want to do a fellowship.i believe i cannot do a fellowship using my ead.can i use my wife's ead,showing myself as a dependant?all help from the gurus will be greatly appreciated.thanks.

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  • greencard_seeker
    08-07 08:15 AM
    Hi Guys,
    I don't know if this is already posted... Here is my situation...
    I had applied for 485 in July with Future Employer in EB3.
    After 6 months, I want to port the application to my existing employer. At that time, is it possible to convert the application from EB3 to EB2 using AC21 portability??
    Any help is appreciated!!!


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  • bijualex29
    07-17 12:45 PM
    Any expert can let me, can I apply L-1 Visa, if I am in USA in H-1B visa?
    My company is Italian based Company and in USA they have a branch.
    It is necessary that I have to be in outside USA to get L-1 Visa

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  • Lisap
    08-25 12:03 PM
    Thank you- I am still trying to figure out what all the terms are.... I appreciate your response!


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  • Almond
    07-05 11:55 AM
    You'd have to reapply for I140 for the new company. The one you had approved for the old company will not be valid for the new company.

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  • fromnaija
    06-11 01:59 PM
    Your MAVNI adjustment of status should cover your family, so they should be adjusting with you. You do not need to or have to send them to your home country.


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  • pandu345
    12-19 12:03 PM
    Hi All,

    Here is my question.
    I was working for employer A.I left employer A on Nov 15 , I received my last paycheck from employer on Nov 22, 2007.
    I know my employer A did not revoke / cancel my H1b.

    I accepted offer from employer B on Nov 20.I came in communication with employer B lawyers on Nov 23.I am based in one state and work
    in another state.Lawyer got all the documents from me on Nov 25,Then she said , we will have to get prevailing wages from two states , and she
    send the request for them.We received prevailing wages from states on Dec 11.Then she sent my H1b transfer petetion to USCIS on Dec 14.I received
    the receipt from USCIS on Dec 18.

    Will my H1b get transferred , or will I have any issues.


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  • cbpds
    04-27 03:11 PM
    Dude, its about Illegal Immigration,......nothing to do with legal immigration or any laws pertaining to backlogs etc !!

    Kyl Guards McCain�s Right Flank - Roll Call (http://www.rollcall.com/issues/55_122/news/45582-1.html?ET=rollcall:e7374:80088824a:&st=email)

    One politician standing up for another, but no one standing up for us - who really need it!!!!!


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  • fromnaija
    08-03 07:12 PM
    You will apply at the local SSA (Social Security Administration) office and not at USCIS. Your card will be mailed to you within 15 days in most states.

    Please forgive my ignorance Gurus but I want to know when EAD is approved, how would one receive a SSN? Does that need to applied separately at the local USCIS office? If yes, then as per my understanding this would mean a further delay before one can start work, since it takes time to receive a SSN.
    Correct me if I am wrong.

    I am referring a common scenario for all H4 visa holders who do not have a SSN.

    Please share some knowledge on this.

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  • hebbar77
    03-17 06:20 PM
    Hi Folks.
    Whats the cost of filing a motion to reopen the case 485 if wrongly rejected(either due to using AC21...). I mean lawyer fees + other fees.
    I am sure there are folks here who went through this.


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  • adibhatla
    04-29 12:39 PM
    Also can you please close the other thread that you opened.

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  • srikondoji
    06-30 02:27 PM
    I used that same option for my wife as she is on EAD and working.
    I am still on H1-B and used the other option related to my status.

    Hi Folks,

    I am currently on EAD and am applying for extension using e-file. I had a question on what do we fill in for 'Current Immigration Status'. The closest I can think about (as per the options given) is : DA - Advance Parole (Dist Auth).
    Any comments?

    Has anyone using EAD currently done an e-file for extension?



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  • ansari
    08-29 12:03 AM
    Hi all,

    My current H1B I-797 will expire in Sep. 30th. My company is in process of filing a 3yr extension, but they are still in the 10-day job posting period, so the attorney will not probably file until mid-Sep. Hopefully with Premium processing it might get approved before the end of Sep.

    My question: My latest H1B visa stamp was issued for 1 year (county-limit), and expires on Oct-17. Due to admin processing, it took almost 5 months to renew it last time. If i have the approval 797, and go to renew my visa either at home consulate, or in Canada, what would happen? A. Would they renew the visa without doing any new sec. checks or admin processing? B. Would they cancel my current visa if they put my new one on admin processing? C. Else?

    The purpose is just to have a renewed H1B before my current one expires, if this will be any advantage.

    Please advice.


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  • mdipi
    10-21 05:33 PM
    very good! i love it. i need to find a good font site,,,anybody got anything?:q:

    mike :cyclops:


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  • malibuguy007
    10-01 08:47 PM
    If you guys are viewing this thread, you should be here


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  • fall1998
    05-18 12:06 PM
    Yepp, many companies have regulation not to release copy of I-140 to applicant unless applicant is leaving them.

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  • anurakt
    12-07 12:13 PM
    Guys Please see the home page...IV NEEDS YOU FOR SOME HELP !!

    10-12 01:10 PM
    I was in Canada and came back to US last weekend using AP. I only had two documents. They asked for three but I told them that I only have two and that is all I got from USCIS.
    They made me wait for 15 minutes and then stamped both AP documents and gave it back to me with an I 94 and entry date/stamp.

    I believe you should have your Advance Parole document and not with the immigration.

    05-12 01:14 PM
    Has anyone renewed their license with success in VA while the H1 extension is pending? Does a letter from the company attorney along with the H1 extension receipt help?

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