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Country Homes of England

Thursday, September 8, 2011

From the grand stately homes to the old farmhouses of England, all have one thing in common, a sublime blend of the decorative and the practical. Country traditions and pastimes influence the interior decoration creating inviting, pleasing spaces. Time worn leather armchairs, centuries of polished wood combine with faded tapestries and antique paintings forming a unique patina. Here are a few that have inspired me.   

Above images scanned from BOOK: Writers' Houses by Francesca Premoli-Droulers
Image: LOCATION AGENCY: jjlocations
Above images: 1.PHOTOGRAPHER: Joanna Maclennan 2.& 4.SHOP: Katherine Hooker womens tailoring 3.PHOTOGRAPHER: David Merewether for the Wealden Times 5.KITCHENS: Landmark Kitchens
Above image: MAGAZINE: skona hem
Above image: PHOTOGRAPHER:Nico Morgan - Cottesmore Hunt Lincolnshire
ARTIST: SIR ALFRED JAMES MUNNINGS "Portrait of Mrs. Margaretta Park Frew Riding"
Above images: 1.Photography: Katya de Grunwald 2.& 4.SHOP: Katherine Hooker womens tailoring 3.Hotel: Borgo Santo Pietro Tuscany 5.Painting: Henk Helmantel
Above image: PHOTOGRAPHER: Joanna Maclennan
Above images: LOCATION AGENCY 1st-Option
Above image: SHOP: Teasel England
Above image: jjlocations
Above images: 1.Photography: Katya de Grunwald 2.& 4.SHOP: Katherine Hooker womens tailoring 3.PHOTOGRAPHER: Joanna Maclennan 5.PHOTOGRAPHER: Jan Baldwin
Above image: jjlocations
Above images: 1.Allington Manor hotel Grantham Lincolnshire 2.& 4.SHOP: Katherine Hooker womens tailoring 3.SHOP: An Angel at my Table 5.Image scanned from MAGAZINE: Country Living March 1999
Above image: PAINTING Sir Raymond Greene, DSO, MP, on Horseback, 1919 by Alfred James Munnings
Above image: LOCATION AGENCY: 1st Option

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