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Farmhouse Harvest

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year, when the countryside bursts into life and is filled with the most beautiful textures and tones. The soft, low sunlight creates gentle hues of palest golden green, farmhouse reds are rustic of the earth and greys are born of woodsmoke and ash. Wicker, straw, rust and scrubbed wood add texture, whilst the smells of Autumn fill the air now fresh and vibrant with the new season's bounty.

Above image: Photographer Lois Slokoski
Above image: Location agency 1st-Option

Above image scanned from book: Country Kitchens by Jocasta Innes
Above images: 1.Photographer: Emma Lee 2.Photographer: Nineminutes 3.Shop: Garden Trading 4.Fabric: Ian Mankin
Above image scanned from Homes and Antiques february 2004
Above images: 1.Painting "Meidoornbessen in romeins glas" by Henk Helmantel 2.Antique basket by Red Ticking at 1st Dibs 3.Painting  "Stilleven met perziken" by Henk Helmantel 4.Fabric: Ian Mankin 5.Antique bowl Brigitte & Alain Garnier
Above image scanned from book: The Country House by Barty Phillips
Above image: Photographer Katie Quinn Davies & Katie's brilliant blog filled with wonderful recipes: What Katie Ate
Above images: 1.& 3.Shop: Toast 2.The Paper Mulberry - vintage farm tools my home 4. Shop: Katherine Hooker womens tailoring
Above image: Location Agency JJ Locations
Above image: E-Magdeco
Above image: Photographer Megpuente

Above images: 1.Shop: Farmhouse wares 2.Magazine Country Living 3.Print: Shop Allison Dandrea 4.Fabric: Bennison Salzburg  

Above image: Photographer Sarah Maingot

Above image scanned from book: Pure Style by Jane Cummberbatch

Just a note: I will now be posting every two weeks rather than every week to allow more time for collating and researching!

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