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First impressions - exterior paint shades

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Delicious hues of chalky grey blue green, reminiscent of those gorgeous shutters in France, combine well with soft slate greys and gentle putties. A restful, clean palette for a warm welcome to any home whether it's of mellow stone, whitewashed render or smart red brick. Here are a few of my favourite paint shades along with some suggested plants for tubs and borders to welcome guests to your door.

Above image: The Daylesford Organic Farm Shop by blogger 213darling
Above images: 1.The Beckford Arms Country Pub Wiltshire England discovered through the blog Maitai's Picture Book 2.Cotswold chippings decorative gravel for paths, patios and terraces from Ruscrete Landscaping 3.Exterior paint in "Grey stone" by The Little Greene Paint Company 4.Salvia officinalis 'Purpurascens'(Purple Sage) from Crocus 5.& 6."Oval Room Blue" No:82 exterior paint by Farrow & Ball
Above image: Border Oak - bespoke oak framed houses 
Above image: Daylesford Organic Farm in Gloucestershire England
Above image: Daylesford Organic Farm and shop in Gloucestershire England taken by Gerrad Malcom via Flickr
Above images: 1.Conservatory by interior designer Sims Hilditch 2.Exterior paint in shade "Mid Lead Colour" by the Little Greene Paint Company 3.Miscanthus sinensis 'Malepartus' from Crocus 4.Bistro table and chairs in "Shutter Blue" from Garden Trading 5.Exterior paint in shade "Celestial Blue" by The Little Greene Paint Company 6.Iris 'Dutch Chocolate' from Crocus
Above image: Border Oak - bespoke oak framed houses 
Above image: Border Oak - bespoke oak framed houses and garden buildings (so pretty)!
Above image: Daylesford Organic Farm in Gloucestershire England
Above images:1.& 6.Details from Yiangou architects 2.Exterior paint in shade "Tempest" No:32 by Vale Interiors 3.Detail from the garden of Lady Karen Watson 4.Exterior paint in shade "Ermine" No:29 by Vale Interiors and conservatories 5.Ageratina altissima ‘Chocolate’from Crocus
Above image: photograph The Paper Mulberry our restoration project and our home until November 2012 - the front door is painted in "Card Room Green" no:79 with the porch in "Stony Ground" no:211 the windows are in shade "Matchstick" no:2013 all by Farrow and Ball. The urns are planted with lavender

For more information on anything shown in the above images please click on the names under each photograph to go through to their web sites. I create my mood boards/colour palettes with a computer programme called Photoshop by Adobe which is available for both Apple Mac and PC computers.

As always, if I have featured your photograph and you would rather I didn't, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will remove it with my sincerest apologies. 

With warmest wishes

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